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The Metalsmith's Calculator

Totally revised to appeal to international users. Calculate your alloy's price and weights for sheet, disk, and wire. Simply enter a few numbers and all the calculating is done for you! It's SO easy.

Metal Spot Prices

With one "click," easily fetch the 13 metal spot prices on the Web that are found in the calculator.

Online Currency Calculator

See what your currency equals in 50 other countries.

48 Typical Alloys

Compositions of the most popular precious metal alloys

58 Metal & Alloy Melting Temperatures

Melting Points in ºF and ºC

Specific Gravities

Troy Ounces per Cubic Inch

Metal Thickness Chart

Most people either use gauges, inches, or millimeters when ordering metal. It's rare to find someone who can keep all three numbers in their head. This chart shows the B&S gauges of #1 - #40, and what they equal in inches and millimeters.


Diameter Inches = Square Inches = Square Centimeters

Diameter Centimeters = Square Centimeters = Square Inches

Conversions & Calculations



Troy Ounces to Pennyweights

Inches to Millimeters

Troy Ounces to Grams

Inches to Centimeters

Troy Ounces to Kilograms

Centimeters to Inches

Troy Ounces to Avoir.

Millimeters to Inches

Troy Ounces to Pounds Avoir.

Feet to Meters

Pennyweights to Troy Ounces

Meters to Feet

Pennyweights to Grams

Microns to Inches

Pennyweights to Grains

Grams to Grains


Grams to Troy Ounces

Specific Gravity to Troy Ozs. per Cubic Inch

Grams to Pennyweights

Gallons to Liters

Kilograms to Troy Ounces

Kilograms to Pounds Avoir.


Pounds Avoir. to Troy Ounces

Fahrenheit to Celsius

Pounds Avoir. to Kilograms

Celsius to Fahrenheit

Ounces Avoir. to Troy Ounces


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