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Review from Fred Zweig, Metalsmith: "Jeff has provided us with a valuable tool by creating the Metalsmith's Calculator. He has worked hard to make it user friendly and is broken into 5 separate parts:

The Metalsmith's Calculator: This allows you to easily estimate the cost of materials for a specific project. Every effort has been made to simplify your input. Material weight and cost are calculated immediately from the data you have keyed in.

Metal & Alloy Data: Eliminate the need to find a similar chart in your workshop library. It pops up at the click of a button.

Conversions & Calculations: Easily convert weights & measurements with this handy tool.

Typical Alloys: Access the metals and percentages for the most common precious metal alloys.

Metal Thickness Chart: Find metric and thousandths of an inch equivalents for each of the B&S gauges.

I applaud the effort Jeff has put into this and hope all will find it useful."

Markham J. Frankel, MJF Silversmiths, LLC: "I find The Metalsmith's Calculator™ quite handy when estimating jobs.  Most of the time I'm doing that type of work when suppliers are closed, so it helps me keep my pricing in line.  Plus, with the constantly changing market, I can't use the 'price it cost last time' method and be remotely near the actual costs.  Use the notes section to keep manufacturing costs handy.  The more you use it, the more benefits you'll get from it."

Michael & Maureen Banner, Silversmiths: "Your Calculator is a great success in our studio where we use it to calculate the silver prices of my larger hollowware pieces. Maureen finds it useful for her jewelry that uses gold, fine silver, sterling, sheet and wire. It will be a real time saver in calculating materials that her students use in their projects. Good job, Jeff, I recommend it highly for any studio working in metals."

Samuel A. Davis, P.E., Sr. Process Engineer, Stern-Leach: "This is a great time-saving tool, and I'll recommend it to people I meet."


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