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Match Safe Mechanicals and Care



Silver Match Safe Care

Cleaning or Polishing the Exterior

Rinse the match safe with warm water to remove any particulate that has accumulated. If there is minimal tarnish, you may be able to remove it with a 100% plant-based glass cleaner like Better Life Natural Glass Cleaner (my personal favorite), or aloe-free hand sanitizer on a cotton ball, makeup pad, or cotton towel. If the hand sanitizer leaves a residue, rinse it off with warm water or remove it with a moistened cotton towel, then dry immediately. If water doesn't work, use the glass cleaner. Try this technique first as it will remove absolutely no metal.

If the above method was ineffective, use Herman's Simply Clean on a cotton ball or makep pad and rotate to expose unused surfaces. (Always use the smallest amount of polish necessary.) Rub the object in a straight, back-and-forth manner so as to maintain a uniform appearance. Avoid rubbing in a circular motion. Do not remove any patina in ornamental areas as this may have been factory-applied. Rinse the safe under warm water and buff dry with a cotton  towel.

Cleaning the Interior

Match safe interiors may be cleaned if there is a large build-up of dirt and grime. If this is the case, rinse the inside with water to remove any particulate that has accumulated. Apply Dawn dishwashing liquid or hand sanitizer to a natural bristle test tube cleaner with tufted tip and lightly scrub the interior, removing any grime that remained. Rinse, wipe out with a paper towel, then spray with canned air to remove any remaining moisture. If the safe contains no enamel, place it on a cotton towel and use a hair dryer to warm the piece to raise any remaining moisture in the metal itself (you'll see minute water droplets form on the exterior). Cautiously wipe away any droplets you see. Drying your safe completely will insure no rust will form if there are steel components. Let cool before handling.

Protecting Against Tarnish

The best tarnish protection is Renaissance wax because it won't yellow or crack over time. Use a cotton ball and coat the safe's exterior with a very thin layer of the wax then remove any residue with clean cotton balls.

For additional silver care instructions, please visit The Care of Silver.